Rhinoplasty San Francisco – Discover One of the Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures in United States

In a recent survey it was found that rhinoplasty, the most popular cosmetic surgery for the face in the United States is also the second-most popular overall. Find out about rhinoplasty by San Francisco’s own Dr. Stanley Jacobs web site.

Every year, Dr. Stanley Jacobs (a facial cosmetics surgeon in San Francisco Bay Area) anticipates the release a set national statistics for plastic surgery, which reveals the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed by surgeons across the United States.

By a large margin, breast augmentation consistently takes the top spot, followed by rhinoplasties. The procedure is also known as nose shaping by San Francisco-area residents, but whatever the name, it remains one of the most popular treatments for those wanting to alter their nose’s size or shape.

Though the Most Recent Figures of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, released in early 2014. showed that rhinoplasty had a slight decline from the prior year — a 2 percent drop, from 221,053 – 217 124 — the procedure beat out facelift, liposuction surgery, and eyelid surgery.

Why does rhinoplasty have such a high demand? Dr. Jacobs from San Francisco has seen patients undergo nose surgery due to a variety reasons. They may want to change the nose that they inherited because of genetics, correct the appearance of their noses as a result of aging, fix distortions resulting from an injury or improve the functionality of their nasal passages when it comes time to breathe.

Despite the fact that rhinoplasty is second most popular to breast augmentation in general, some demographics prefer it.

According to the gender distribution in the report, most men choose rhinoplasty as their preferred cosmetic surgery over any other procedure. In 2013, the figures reveal that male rhinoplasty procedures accounted for more than 25% of all male surgeries performed. In 2013, they accounted also for more than one quarter of all cosmetic procedures performed for both men and for women.

Previous studies have shown that rhinoplasty, as well as the 20-29 range and the 13-19 range is the most popular choice of plastic surgery for those under 30. Nose shaping is best left until the patient is at least facially mature, which is around 15-16 years old. However, Dr. Jacobs might make an exception if breathing is difficult or obstructed.

Although rhinoplasty has become a popular procedure, it is not something that everyone can do. Before choosing this common procedure, you should consider who will perform the surgery. Before undergoing rhinoplasty surgery, patients should consult with a facial cosmetic surgeon to ask them a series questions. Because the nose is so prominent, even minor changes in its shape and size can have a big impact on the remainder of the facial features. The end result of a rhinoplasty, even one performed strictly for function, should be a more balanced appearance, including the chin.

Research the qualifications of any doctor you are considering, and look for a focus on facial procedures. Ideal plastic surgeons for rhinoplasty are also well-versed in ear and nose surgery.

Even though rhinoplasty may be popular and widely used, it’s still surgery. Patients must be healthy before the procedure. They also need to allow for the recovery period in the days and even weeks following the nose reshaping.

The fact that three of the top five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States focus on the face, and that a fourth–liposuction–can be applied to the neck, chin, and eye areas as well, shows that patients put a lot of weight on presenting the face they want to the world.