From Dream to Driveway – How to Get a Tesla Without Breaking the Bank

Let’s get down to the weeds and buy a Tesla used, without sounding like a scene out of a sci-fi novel or corporate boardroom. Let’s begin by addressing the elephant that is in the room: Teslas are awesome. It’s official. But what about their prices? What about their prices? Here’s where buying a Used Tesla for sale can be a good idea.

Imagine walking into a party with a Tesla keyfob. You’d be the talk of the town! Consider buying a used version if you are worried about your budget. Thrift shops sell designer jackets that are almost as good as brand new.

If you buy a used vehicle, you might assume that it has been put through the ringer. In this respect, Teslas are different from other cars. They age like fine wine (well, almost). Electric cars are less likely to have parts wear out or go bad. Even if a Tesla has a few thousand kilometers on it, you may find it more reliable than an old gas-guzzler.

Check a few things before you start. Checking the battery is important. This is the same as checking how much battery power your phone has left. You would not want to purchase a smartphone which requires charging every single hour. Verify the status of the vehicle’s warranty and whether all the software has been updated. Nobody wants to be driving in the news of yesterday.

Consider that some older models have features that are no longer available in the newer models. One model may have a crazy mode that makes it seem as if you’re launching into space on your morning commute.

Don’t just accept the seller’s word that all is well. Do your homework. Do your homework.

What about the mileage? Electric cars are not doomed if they have high numbers. Electric motors last longer than older engines that are soaked in oil or gasoline.

If you are feeling lost when purchasing privately online, consider certified pre-owned Tesla models or those from dealers who have a good track record. You may pay more than Joe Schmo on Craigslist, but the peace of mind is worth it.

Now you can own a Tesla, without waiting to win the lottery. You can own a Tesla with a bit of patience and smart shopping.

Remember, you don’t have much time to drive dull cars. Who knows? Who knows?

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