Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

A five-year study found that 91 per cent of women who underwent cosmetic plastic surgeries, such as breast augmentations and tummy tightening, felt better about themselves afterward. Experts suggested that cosmetic surgery can improve people’s self image, as long they are motivated and have it performed by a qualified surgeon.

The study found that 96 per cent of respondents are satisfied with the results of their cosmetic surgery and would repeat the procedure if it were necessary. The study reveals that 96 percent of respondents are satisfied with the results and would undergo the same surgery again if they had to. A tummy tuck can be performed using an endoscope which only requires a few small cuts, usually less than an inch.

Even though a significant number of patients reported an increase in their self-esteem following cosmetic procedures like tummy tightening, breast augmentations, facelifts, and body contouring, there is no guarantee that people are happier as a result. It is true that those with “weak motivations” and unrealistic expectations are more likely to be unhappy after a cosmetic procedure.

According to a group of breast augmentation professionals, many requests should be denied. This is especially true for patients who are too critical of themselves or who show symptoms of being addicted to plastic surgery. Many people believe cosmetic surgery to be an easy way to improve themselves. Therefore, experts say that plastic surgeons today should maintain the highest standard of ethics and turn down those patients who are not emotionally prepared for a plastic procedure.

Plastic surgeons think that the high satisfaction rate is due to patients’ expectations. Patients who undergo breast augmentation have realistic expectations that the procedure won’t make them look like bathing suits models, but rather will make their bosoms larger. If the patient has realistic expectations, there is a higher chance she will be happy with the results of the surgery.

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